What are the Functions of the Refrigerated Incubator?
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What are the Functions of the Refrigerated Incubator?

Jun. 08, 2021

With the vigorous development of the Internet and the Internet of Things, refrigeration is becoming more and more popular, especially in the last few links of the transportation process, from large-scale cold food trucks to small-scale refrigerated containers. The last few kilometers can often reflect transportation efficiency. The key to the success or failure of transportation, the refrigerated incubator has its important meaning! As a COVID-19 Vaccine Container Supplier, share with you.

Refrigerator and incubator not only refers to its small size and weight, but also low cost and low investment pressure for enterprises. However, compared to refrigerated transportation equipment such as refrigerated trucks, it is more flexible, mobile, and personalized, and is more suitable for the product characteristics of small batches, multiple batches, multiple varieties, and multiple temperature zones of fresh food e-commerce, and more convenient "door to door" The delivery and collection of goods, so it actually plays an important job in the entire distribution chain, especially the last mile distribution.

COVID-19 Vaccine Containers

COVID-19 Vaccine Containers

Below we give some suggestions on this, I hope to help you:

Multiple varieties, multiple temperature zones

Generally, fresh products require that the goods be delivered to customers within 3 hours after being shipped out of the warehouse, and some require delivery within 1 hour or half an hour. However, there are many types of fresh products and various storage temperatures. How to deal with cold chain products? Can temperature and time be guaranteed? It is suggested that the refrigerator can be specially developed according to the customer's requirements, divided into three series: refrigerated, cold fresh, and frozen, used to store fruits and vegetables, fresh milk, frozen meat and other different types of food, so as to achieve a wide variety of cold storage and freezing temperature zones. all.

Multi-period, multi-specification

The more the incubator size and the more complete it is, the more it can satisfy customers' choices of different sizes of cold chain product packaging units. Because of the large number of cold chain products, different packaging sizes, and random combinations of products in the same temperature zone, a variety of large and small refrigerators and freezers with different specifications and thicknesses can be developed for customers to choose, so that there is always one to satisfy, and The insulation performance of the box can be based on the requirements of different products, and the cold chain time can reach 12, 24, 36 hours, etc.

Increase sturdiness and anti-collision strength

In the process of express transportation and handling, cold chain home distribution boxes will inevitably lead to drag, wear, and collision damage. It is recommended to develop enhanced or reinforced incubators to improve the insulation performance while increasing the robustness and crash resistance. It prevents the quality of cold chain home delivery from being affected, greatly improves the turnover efficiency of the incubator, and reduces the loss of frequent repairs and updates, thereby reducing the purchase cost of cold chain home delivery companies.

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